Lyrics and notes

The lyrics here are the ones actually sung on the record, not the slightly different ones given as text with the albums. All songs are accompanied by a short note about music, lyrics and their interplay.

Upstairs at Eric’s

  1. Don’t go
  2. Too pieces
  3. Bad connection
  4. I before e except after c
  5. Midnight
  6. In my room
  7. Only you
  8. Goodbye seventies
  9. Tuesday
  10. Winter kills
  11. Bring your love down (didn’t I)
  12. Situation
  13. The other side of love

You and me both

  1. Nobody’s diary
  2. Softly over
  3. Sweet thing
  4. Mr Blue
  5. Good times
  6. Walk away from love
  7. Ode to boy
  8. Unmarked
  9. Anyone
  10. Happy people
  11. And on
  12. State farm