Lyrics: I before e except after c

I before e except after c / Chinese Detectives

No lyrics, just voices and chit chat by Eric’s mom.

[credit: Clarke]

Note: ‘I before e except after c’ is by far the most experimental song Yazoo ever made. It consists of echoing voices and snippets of synthesizer. Such experiments were en vogue during the dawn of electronic music, certainly at Mute Records, which had also signed on NON and Einst├╝rzende Neubauten. The overall effect is quite harrowing.

During concerts a more melodic version of the song, without the voices, would lead to the instrumental that is usually titled ‘Chinese detectives’ or just ‘China’. Alternatively, one could say that I before e except after c is a stripped down version of Chinese Detectives, the melody sounding more like Depeche Mode than Yazoo. The interlude allowed some rest to Alison’s voice.

Audio on Youtube
Audio of Chinese Detectives on Youtube