Lyrics: Situation



Blue eyed dressed for every situation
Moving through the doorway of a nation
Pick me up and shake the doubt
Baby I can’t do without

Move out, don’t mess around
Move out, you bring me down
Move out, how you get about
Don’t make a sound just move out

I remember only for an hour
Move right through me can you feel the power
I don’t know what’s going on
It scares me but it won’t be long


Now he’s in control he is my lover
Nations stand against him he’s your brother
Been a long time, been a long time now
I’ll get to you somehow


[credit: Clarke/Moyet]

Note: ‘Situation’ is such a dancefloor classic nobody will have paid much attention to the lyrics. They can either be interpreted as pretty deep or plainly nonsensical. The later makes it a simple love song (dressed for every situation, pick me up, he’s my lover) smothered in words the main function of which is to rhyme.

A deep interpretation would involve making something of the ‘nation’ mentioned and interpreting the rest as a (political? Intoxicating?) metaphor. Either way, no-one on the dancefloor is likely to care. ‘Situation’ is not a song to listen to.

Incidentally, the laughter the song starts with has been sampled and used in countless house hits, including the Bayside Boys remix of the Macarena.

Video on Youtube (extended version)