Lyrics: Winter kills

Winter kills

Green in your love on bright days
You grew sunblind you thought me unkind
To remind you how winter kills
Lost in daydreams you drove too fast and got nowhere
You rode on half fare when you got too scared
How winter kills
Tear at me searching for weaker seams
Pain in your eyes makes me cruel
Makes me spiteful tears are delightful welcome your nightfall
How winter kills

[credit: Moyet]

Note: Voice and piano dominate this song, setting it apart from the synthesizer songs that fill the rest of ‘Upstairs at Eric’s’. The lyrics have a slightly sadistic undertone, though they are somewhat ambiguous.

A woman is teasing the man who loves her. Perhaps she loves him as well, but she doesn’t show it. Maybe she does this because she thinks their love will not survive the man’s rashness. But certainly she enjoys hurting him in this way.

Video on Youtube (Alison Moyet solo, Berlin 2015)