Major releases

These major releases only outline Yazoo’s work. For a complete overview see the discography.


Yazoo | You and me both | Sleeve ‘Only you’ was Yazoo’s first single. A warm song of love and longing, it became an instant hit in its native Britain, but bombed almost everywhere else. However, the B-side ‘Situation’ became a huge hit after Yazoo had established itself as a dance act with ‘Don’t go’. The single was then re-released with ‘Only you’ as the B-side.
Yazoo | Don't go | Sleeve With ‘Don’t go’ Yazoo swept through hit charts worldwide. Though it’s certainly not their best song lyricswise, Clarke and Moyet did succeed in getting the world moving on the dance floor. In the USA it became Yazoo’s second single after ‘Situation’, with the band’s name changed to Yaz following legal shenannigans with the Yazoo record company.
Yazoo | Situation | Sleeve Originally released as the B-side to ‘Only you’, not even deemed fit to be included on the lp ‘Upstairs at Eric’s’, the eclectic ‘Situation’ was to become Yazoo’s biggest hit. An unavoidable classic of the eighties it is still being remixed frequently. Alison Moyet’s laughter on the track has been sampled to the point of numbness, most notoriously in the Bayside Boys’ version of the Macarena.
Yazoo | The other side of love | Sleeve The catchy but not too exciting ‘The other side of love’ was the bridge between Yazoo’s two albums. The B-side, ‘Ode to boy’, made it onto ‘You and me both’. The track itself was included in later releases of ‘Upstairs at Eric’s’.
Yazoo | Nobody's diary | Sleeve As the major single to Yazoo’s second album, bluesy ‘Nobody’s diary’ was destined to be a big one, witnessing the many initial releases. But as Yazoo split up, it became a fitting swan song.
Yazoo | Walk away from love | Sleeve Upbeat bluesy ‘Walk away from love’ was released in Japan only. Spain saw the track used as a promo to get attention for ‘You and me both’.


Yazoo | Upstairs at Eric's | Sleeve The mix of music on ‘Upstairs at Eric’s’ is surprising, to say the least. Electronic blues, disco, an experimental track of echoing voices, it’s all there. Track listings differ from country to country, notably between Europe and USA. Later cd’s generally include more tracks, including ‘Situation’, Yazoo’s biggest disco hit.
Yazoo | You and me both | Sleeve Decidedly less experimental than its predecessor, ‘You and me both’ is more balanced, both in terms of lyrics and musical maturity. European and American issues differ. Apparently the cynical track ‘Happy people’ wasn’t thought suitable for the US market.
Yazoo | Retrospect | Sleeve ‘Retrospect’ was issued on cassette in Taiwan only and contains a compilation of ‘Upstairs at Eric’s’ and ‘You and me both’.
Yazoo | Only Yazoo, the best of | Sleeve The ‘best of’ album ‘Only yazoo’ was released in 1999. A wave of remixes followed suit.
Yazoo | In your room | Sleeve The ‘In your room’ boxset was released in may 2008, as the band reunited after 25 years and started a tour of Europe and the US. The boxset contains a booklet, remastered versions of ‘Upstairs at Eric’s’ and ‘You and me both’, as well as a cd with b-sides and remixes, and a dvd with promotional video’s and live appearances.
Yazoo | Reconnected Live | Sleeve ‘Reconnected Live’ is a registration of the tour of Europe Yazoo did in 2008. The performances were faithful recreations of the album versions, with Vince only varying slightly on keyboards. Alison’s voice has aged, of course. The album probably would have been better if the duo had been a bit more adventurous.


Yazoo | Situation 90 | Sleeve From the early house era: an official ‘Situation’ remix.
Yazoo | Ulitmix 90 | Sleeve One of the rare remixes of ‘State farm’, catered to the house scene by Les Massengale.
Yazoo | Situation 99 | Sleeve Several remixes in the wake of the 99 ‘best of’ album.
Yazoo | Don't go 99 | Sleeve Several remixes in the wake of the 99 ‘best of’ album.
Yazoo | Only you 99 | Sleeve Several remixes in the wake of the 99 ‘best of’ album.
Yazoo | Nobody's diary 08 | Sleeve Three remixes of ‘Nobody’s diary’, preceding the 2008 tour.
Yazoo | Reconnected EP | Sleeve The ‘Reconnected EP’, released in 2008, contains remixes of four different tracks.


A tribute to Yazoo | Sleeve Nineteen contemporary electropop bands cover Yazoo, with various degrees of success. Braingarden feat. Allison Mayer stand out with a pumping version of ‘Situation’.
Flying Pickets | Sleeve Among the first to cover a Yazoo song, Flying Pickets still set the standard with their a capella version of ‘Only you’.
Tom Jones | Sleeve Tom Jones does ‘Situation’. Not bad, not bad. One version on the album ‘The lead and how to swing it’, two more on the cd-single ‘I wanna get back with you’.
Yakooza | Sleeve One of several bands that took their name and at least part of their repertoire from Yazoo, others being Oozay and Chinese Detectives (from an instrumental Yazoo used to play live). Yakooza’s versions of ‘Situation’ are fine, but fairly unremarkable.
Atrocity | Sleeve Believe it or not, a loud gothic metal version of ‘Don’t go’ by German band Atrocity.


Bootleg (1) | Sleeve Apart from illegal but not too interesting remixes, there are only a few Yazoo bootlegs, all of them live recordings, most of which are ripped from a BBC-recording, made in London’s Dominion Theatre in november 1982 during the ‘Guided’ tour. Track listings vary. The best of them include the Depeche-Mode-like instrumental track ‘Chinese detectives’.
Bootleg (2) | Sleeve The rarest Yazoo material is circulating on cd-r. Among these are a poor recording from a november 1982 concert in Liverpool and some studio/demo outtakes. Finally, there is a song called ‘Get set’, written for a tv-show and, justifiably so, not ment to circulate any further.


Special dj copy | Sleeve The most spectacular of all Yazoo promos this ‘special dj copy’ was released in Japan in 1983. It contains six tracks and additional info on the back cover.
No Nukes | Sleeve ‘No nukes / Europe in the year zero’ is a German release containing tracks by five artists. Yazoo’s contribution is ‘Goodbye Seventies’, in a slightly edited version.
WEA Top Hits | Sleeve Most promos are white label or stamped 7″/12″ records. ‘WEA top hits’, issued in Japan, is a rare example of combined promos for several bands from the same record company.
In your room club remixes | Sleeve ‘In your room club remixes’ was issued in 2008 to accompany the release of the ‘In your room’ boxset and Yazoo’s tour of Europe and the US.