Yazoo albums | Upstairs at Eric's | Sleeve The mix of music on ‘Upstairs at Eric’s’ is surprising, to say the least. Electronic blues, disco, an experimental track of echoing voices, it’s all there. Track listings differ from country to country, notably between Europe and USA. Later albums on cd generally include more tracks, including ‘Situation’, Yazoo’s biggest disco hit.
Yazoo albums | You and me both | Sleeve Decidedly less experimental than its predecessor, ‘You and me both’ is more balanced, both in terms of lyrics and musical maturity. The track listings of European and American albums differ. Apparently the cynical track ‘Happy people’ wasn’t thought suitable for the US market.
Yazoo albums | Retrospect | Sleeve ‘Retrospect’ was issued on cassette in Taiwan only and contains a compilation of ‘Upstairs at Eric’s’ and ‘You and me both’. It’s not completely clear whether this is an official release.
Yazoo albums | Only Yazoo, the best of | Sleeve The ‘best of’ album ‘Only yazoo’ was released in 1999. A wave of remixes followed suit.
Yazoo albums | In your room | Sleeve The ‘In your room’ boxset was released in may 2008, as the band reunited after 25 years and started a tour of Europe and the US. The boxset contains a booklet, remastered versions of ‘Upstairs at Eric’s’ and ‘You and me both’, as well as a cd with b-sides and remixes, and a dvd with promotional video’s and live appearances.
Yazoo albums | Reconnected Live | Sleeve ‘Reconnected Live’ is a registration of the tour of Europe Yazoo did in 2008. The performances were faithful recreations of the album versions, with Vince only varying slightly on keyboards. Alison’s voice has aged, of course. The album probably would have been better if the duo had been a bit more adventurous.