Selected promos

Promos: Special dj copy | Sleeve The most spectacular of all Yazoo promos this ‘special dj copy’ was released in Japan in 1983. It contains six tracks and additional information on the back cover, so it is almost like a complete album.
Promos: No Nukes | Sleeve ‘No nukes / Europe in the year zero’ is a German release containing tracks by five artists. Yazoo’s contribution is ‘Goodbye Seventies’, in a slightly edited version.
Promos: WEA Top Hits | Sleeve Most promos are white label or stamped 7″/12″ records. ‘WEA top hits’, issued in Japan, is a rare example of combined promos for several bands from the same record company.
Promos: In your room club remixes | Sleeve ‘In your room club remixes’ was issued in 2008 to accompany the release of the ‘In your room’ boxset and Yazoo’s tour of Europe and the US.