Yazoo singles | You and me both | Sleeve ‘Only you’ was the first of Yazoo’s singles. A warm song of love and longing, it became an instant hit in its native Britain, but bombed almost everywhere else. However, the B-side ‘Situation’ became a huge hit after Yazoo had established itself as a dance act with ‘Don’t go’. The single was then re-released with ‘Only you’ as the B-side.
Yazoo singles | Don't go | Sleeve With ‘Don’t go’ Yazoo swept through hit charts worldwide. Though it’s certainly not their best song lyricswise, Clarke and Moyet did succeed in getting the world moving on the dance floor. In the USA it became Yazoo’s second single after ‘Situation’, with the band’s name changed to Yaz following legal shenannigans with the Yazoo record company.
Yazoo singles | Situation | Sleeve Originally released as the B-side to ‘Only you’, not even deemed fit to be included on the lp ‘Upstairs at Eric’s’, the eclectic ‘Situation’ was to become Yazoo’s biggest hit. An unavoidable classic of the eighties it is still being remixed frequently. Alison Moyet’s laughter on the track has been sampled to the point of numbness, most notoriously in the Bayside Boys’ version of the Macarena.
Yazoo singles | The other side of love | Sleeve The catchy but otherwise not too exciting ‘The other side of love’ was the bridge between Yazoo’s two albums. The B-side, ‘Ode to boy’, made it onto ‘You and me both’. The track itself was included in later releases of ‘Upstairs at Eric’s’.
Yazoo singles | Nobody's diary | Sleeve As the major single to Yazoo’s second album, bluesy ‘Nobody’s diary’ was destined to be a big one, witnessing the many initial releases. But as Yazoo split up, it became a fitting swan song.
Yazoo singles | Walk away from love | Sleeve Upbeat bluesy ‘Walk away from love’ was released in Japan only. Spain saw the track used as a promo to get attention for ‘You and me both’.