About this site

This site was created for fun. ‘Upstairs at Eric’s’ was the first album I ever bought and I’ve been a Yazoo fan ever since. I compiled the discography to keep track of my own collection and thought it might come in handy for others as well.

I try to update the site as often as possible, but let me know if you think something is missing or wrong.

Copyright notice

Copyrights to the lyrics are by Clarke and Moyet, reproduced here under the assumption that it is fair use. The notes to the lyrics are mine, but you can use them if you attribute them to me (by linking to this site).

The images were all issued as promotional material, as far as I know. So they’re copyrighted but can be used for promoting Yazoo. Also I have used some stills from videos that were mostly made by the BBC and some copies from magazines.


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