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This site means to track down Yazoo recordings, of which there are amazingly many given that the band existed for hardly two years and issued two original albums in that period. The discography contains all major variations in singles and albums, as well as remixes, bootlegs and covers. Much will still be missing, though, so any additions are welcome.

March 2016 Site renewed, more covers added to discography.
September 2012 New compilation by Music Club Deluxe added.
March 2011 A previously unknown cover track seems to have appeared.
August 2010 Yazoo have announced a live cd. Read more at the official site. Update: added.
May 2008 Yazoo released the boxset ‘In your room’ and a 12″ with remixes of ‘Nobody’s diary’, which have been added to the discography. The band also started a tour of Europe and the US. Read more at the official site.

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