Lyrics: Too Pieces

Too pieces

Write me a letter a face in the hall
Hiding from someone afraid of the fall
And she’s waiting for someone to take her back to where she came from
And she’ll wait alone for hours she won’t mind because there’s someone
In the story she remembers she remembers in the letter
And the tears locked up inside her make her heart break open wider
Shuts her eyes and takes the picture from the wall

[credit: Clarke]

Note: A small, serene song of love gone wrong, a woman longing back for a time when her lover was still with her. In the end there seems to be a decision to cut these feelings off, as the woman takes the picture from the wall.

‘Contemplative’ seems to be the best word to describe the lyrics to ‘Too pieces’. They are short, sung by Alison Moyet in a brief burst of her powerful voice, embedded as the words are in a long, repeating series of melodies that only add to the feeling of loss and, finally, acceptance ‘Too pieces’ attempts to convey.

Video on Youtube (live in Berlin, 2008)